COBRA Bylaws

COBRA Baseball

Coalition of Babe Ruth Athletes


I. The purpose of COBRA Baseball is to provide additional competitive game opportunities to interested players of Florida Babe Ruth.

II. Concept

A. All leagues may have teams participate.

B. Games will be played on Sundays. The general scheduling concept will be that all teams play two games every other Sunday. Some games may be played on other days, as coordinated by the teams and sanctioned by COBRA.

C. All participants on COBRA teams must be registered and participating in league play and in the same league.

1. Registration can be verified through official Babe Ruth Rosters. Participating will mean they have been in the line up for at least half of their scheduled games.

2. Players can be added to COBRA team rosters as long as they are properly registered in their league.

3. Each league will be responsible for ensuring their COBRA players participating in these events are properly registered and insured.

D. Properly registered players from Spring may participate in Fall COBRA, if approved of their league.

E. Leagues may form teams however they see fit. For example, one league may hold tryouts where another league may allow coaches to form their own team.

III. Administration

A. Seasons

1. There will be two seasons, one in Fall and one in Spring. The season may begin and/or extend beyond the regularly scheduled Spring and/or Fall season of participating leagues.

2. After the season is played, there will be a post season tournament. The winner of the tournament is considered season champion.

B. Governing Body - The District 12 Commissioner will have final authority over COBRA. The normal business will be by a commissioner and will consult with an advisory board consisting of a representative from each participating league.

IV. Divisions

8U (Rookie)

10U (Minor). If there are enough teams, Minor competition may be further divided into 9U and 10U.

12U (Major) If there are enough teams, Major competition may be further divided into 11U and 12U.

15U (Babe Ruth) If there are enough teams, Babe Ruth competition may be further divided into 13U and 15U.

V. Playing Rules

A. General playing rules will follow official Babe Ruth Rules.

B. Each team will supply one new game ball and one extra ball per game.

C. The official start time will be the scheduled time, unless the game is delayed due to weather.

D. If the game is interrupted, the game will be official if 3 (2 1/2 if home team leads) innings have been completed.

E. Players uniforms must be the same color and have numbers.

F. Courtesy Runners may (less than 2 outs or 3 runs scored) and must (with 2 outs or 3 runs scored) be used for pitchers and catchers. See Playing Rules for details.

VI. Violations

Any rule violation, or a violation of these bylaws, must be corrected immediately and escalated to the appropriate division coordinator for review and possible sanctions. Any resistance to correcting violations may be seen as violation, for example: defensive obstruction, offensive interference, or un-sportsman-like conduct; as appropriate, and penalties applied as seen fit by the game’s officials.

Ejections are to be reported to the host league for additional discipline and reported back to the COBRA overlords.

Ejections for malicious contact require an additional game as a minimum, even if that game carries over to the next set of Sunday Play games, the tournament, or the next season.