Spring 2024 COBRA Registration

Welcome to the Spring 2024 COBRA Team Registration!

This registration will allow us to collect primary contact information and payment. Also, there is important information included, so read thoroughly.

WHO SHOULD REGISTER: Team Managers should register their TEAM. You will NOT register your individual players during this process, but you must add players to your rosters. More info on this to follow.

INDIVIDUALS do NOT register on this website. Contact your league administrator to find out how to play on a COBRA team. Requirements vary from league to league.

TOURNAMENT SEEDING will again be based on season performance (wins only), followed by head-to-head results, with the final tiebreaker being FIRST TO REGISTER. Your registration will not be complete until payment is received, so complete the process ASAP.

USED for seeding:

  • Total wins
  • Head-to-head
  • Registration date/time

NOT USED for seeding:

  • Winning percentage
  • Run differential
  • Runs allowed
  • Runs scored
  • How much we like you

Spring 2024 COBRA Registration

Your Email*

Who is registering the team (First Last...i.e. "Tim McMullan")?*

DO NOT put the last name first. This may be the Team Manager, league official, or someone else.

Team Manager Name (First Last...i.e. "Tim McMullan").*

DO NOT put the last name first. If you are registering for your league, input the MANAGER'S name and contact information in the section below.

Team Manager Phone*

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Team Manager Email*

Your League*

Which is your home league your team is based out of?

Team Name*

IE "Tigers" etc. Do NOT put your league name. The system knows your town already from the previous selection so it's redundant and you risk your team name appearing in ways such as New York New York Yankees, instead of just New York Yankees if our system uses your league name in places already - so in that example JUST use "Yankees."

Team Type*

Is your team a COBRA team, or a COBRA Plus team? See our About page for more information on the differences before making a selection. To summarize here however: COBRA is in addition to in-park traditional team play. Team members will be rostered on in-park league teams and playing COBRA as a secondary team. Cobra Plus teams are playing COBRA and games against other COBRA Plus teams as their primary season, no in-park standard league play.

Division Of Play*

Select the division you WISH to play in. If you are a 10U team and wish to play 11U for instance, select 11U - NOT 10U.


Instead of sending you a funds request, please pay me directly. Please choose how you'll be paying and go ahead and send $150.


Sunday Play - the 4 sets of Sunday double headers currently scheduled for:

  • March 03, 2024
  • March 10, 2024
  • April 07, 2024
  • April 14, 2024

Tournament (or Playoffs) is after the 4 scheduled weeks of Sunday Play. The tournament spans two weekends and you may play 1, 2, or 3 games in a day. The playoffs will be held at varying locations on April 28, 2024 and May 05, 2024.

I understand

Playoffs / Tournament *

You must be able to play BOTH weekends. Please choose the option below that bests describes your commitment to the playoffs (tournament):


It probably goes without saying, but scheduling 50+ teams from 15+ leagues at 10+ locations is challenging. We count on everyone to show up and play so all players can have the experience we and they expect them to have. Furthermore, competing for assets, such as fields and umpires, makes it essential that we play the scheduled games.

When a team fails to show, for whatever reason, it diminishes our credibility with those assets. This is, of course, in addition to depriving the competing players of their opportunity to play a game. Because securing these experiences and assets for everyone is delicate, yet essential, we do have a rather harsh 'commitment to play' policy and a severe penalty for not playing:

If you can not play on a scheduled date, you will forfeit. The score will be 0-6 in Cal Ripken divisions. The score will be 0-7 in Babe Ruth. Games will count as forfeit even if games are re-scheduled. PUNITIVE damages of $250 must be paid if your team misses Sunday Play after games are scheduled before you will be permitted to continue playing COBRA. This is not only a deterrent, but helps us cover costs associated with the games.

I understand


SPACE IS LIMITED. Your registration is NOT guaranteed. We do have leagues ready to host, but there is a maximum capacity. PLEASE, go ahead and register if you want to play. Further delays will decrease the chance you can play. I do expect we can accommodate everyone, but we often get a rush toward the deadline, and I don't want to disappoint anyone if we can help it. We PROMISE we will do everything we can to create a situation for your team to play.We will not bill you (send you a funds request) unless your spot is guaranteed for the Fall season. Please acknowledge below.

I understand

Anything You Need To Tell Us?

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